It wasn’t like we expected this to be a walk in the park though, but for once we hoped they would do normal and wow us.

The gist was that from Thursday bus conductors in Lagos will be reformed.

President of the Bus Conductors Association of Nigeria, BCAN, Israel Adeshola, even said the government has approved the association’s uniforms and badges with name tags and identification numbers.

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But from BRT to danfo, trust Lagos conductors not to easily embrace orderliness.

However, while we were on the lookout for how well the habitually half-naked conductors adjust into being clothed, we noticed some kind of decency.

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Who to blame for the non-adherence to the new uniform regime, we do not know.

But we agree that this is a good initiative and should be enforced with favourable conditions.

At least we did not see anyone in the traditional white singlet and half jeans

Eko oni baje.