While some Lagos residents merry and feast to mark the Mawlid al-Nabi al-Sharif which signifies the birth of Prophet Muhammad, women, ladies and children were having fun somewhere else in grand style.

Keeping fit is one reason the women from all walks of life gathered at Esuola Street off Ago Palace Way, in Okota area of Lagos State.

It was an event christened “Break A Sweat” and organized by Naija Fit Moms’ founder and fitness trainer, Chinwe Obinwanne, for women, ladies and even children who needed to also burn some calories and keep fit.

For over four hours participants engaged in different activities all targeted at making them sweat and keep fit.

Shaku shaku dance steps featured and the way the women showed their dancing skills will leave you perplexed.

For the organizer, it was beyond just sweating and losing weight.

Chinwe says building a healthy and fit nation should begin with mothers.

“We look at the impact mothers make in the society in setting up the programme.

“We organized the program to be able to reach as many women as possible with the good news of fitness.


“Women and many mothers are still under the impression that fitness is for people who want to lose weight and they think that if they are not fat they don not need to keep fit.

“We want to let women know that keeping fit brings longevity and help them raise healthy children,” she said.


It is a program that will hold twice a year.

From physical exercises to dancing and then sack race and other activities they found as fun, the women were sweating and burning calories.

It was not just all physical activities, as there were talks on sexual abuse and the need for sex education for children, with mothers advised to begin with teaching their children their body parts and the importance of speaking out.

There were conversations on eating healthy, which, Fumbi Olatayo said was necessary for families to stay away from illness.

She encouraged mothers to eat more of organic food and avoid processed food as much as possible.

Mrs Olatayo gave hints on how they could manage their meals to give them maximum health benefits.


“It is about how you can eat healthy without breaking the bank,” she told the women, giving them tips on how to shop for their food items and then how to preserve their food and fruits to still savor the fruits when they are out of season.   

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Participants, who competed at the games, got different gifts from vendors who were at the venue with different healthy packs to showcase to participants.


Ifeoma Ibewuchi said it was fun for her and that she felt energised after the rigorous, yet interesting exercises.

“I feel very fit and ready for the day.

“We are here not just to learn how to lose weight. We are here just to learn how to be healthy because they say, health is wealth.

“We have learnt how to eat right, how to prevent rape and the techniques to prevent rape in our society.


For Mrs Olatayo, it was a 10-over-10 event that was awesome and amazing.

“I cannot feel my arms at the moment.

“We had so much fun. We had games, talks, dance, fitness and cardio programs.

“This kind of workout is what women need to keep them active because most women do not have the time to keep fit,” she added.

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