Nigerian’s have not completely lost out in the race to have actors in Hollywood, and in Marvel’s super hero movies.

After a hacker falsely raised the hopes of Nigerians that Funke Akindele Bello will star in 'Avengers: Infinity Wars', interest among Nigerians in the upcoming Marvel's movie surged significantly.

This led us to do some digging to find out if there were in fact other Nigerians in another Marvel picture set to hit theaters soon - 'Black Panther'. 

It turns out that there are infact 5 Nigerians featured among the cast of the film.

In the fictional country called Wakanda, here are the five Nigerians who will be on the screen when Black Panther opens on February 18, in Nigerian cinemas.

Sope Aluko

sope aluko

Sope Aluko was born in Nigeria. She is a multilingual, dual citizen of both the US and the UK. She speaks four languages including Yoruba, French, and Bahasa/Indonesian.

She has starred in Hollywood movies like 'Pitch Perfect 2' and 'Identity Thief', and in 'Black Panther' she plays a Shaman.

Tunde Laleye

tunde laleye

Tunde went to the United States with his 3 siblings from Lagos.

He has featured in the American series, 'Six', 'Zoo' and 'McGyver'. Tunde plays a Border Tribesman in 'Black Panther'.

Amechi Okocha

amechi okocha.

Amechi Okocha was born in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. He is an actor, known for 'Take the 10' (2017), 'Speechless' (2013) and 'Rekindled' (2017).

In 'Black Panther', he takes the role of Bueze, but is not credited in the film.

David Opegbemi

david opebumi.j

David Opegbemi is an actor known for playing a Jabari Warrior in 'Black Panther', and staring in American movies like '1985' (2018) and 'Weed Brownies' (2017).

Tari Omoro


Tari Omoro Jr was born in Dallas, Texas to Nigerian born parents. He plays a Jabari drummer in 'Black Panther.'

At least if Genevieve Nnaji's recent inclusion in the list turns out to be just another hack, Nigerians can console themselves with these 5 country people.