Shuaibu works for the United Nations and contributes his quota to global development.

But it seemed he had too much spare time on his hands so he chose a side hustle - robbing banks.

The 53-year old robbed four banks located within walking distance of the UN headquarters during break time over a two-month span.

His lucky run ended after a retired police officer working at the UN recognized the robber from a surveillance photo.

This led the New York Police Department and other authorities to arrest him on Monday, April 17.

He was apprehended at the UN building while returning from another successful job at HSBC bank during his lunch break.

He was charged with two counts of robbery and two counts of attempted robbery.

Shuaibu committed the first robbery on February 27, 2017 when he walked into a Santander Bank and demanded that the teller hand him cash, threatening to shoot if the employee did not comply.

In March 2017, he reportedly tried to rob a Bank of America but failed and days later, he successfully robbed a separate Santander Bank.

abddulahi shuaibu