Kevin Hart's Sex tape scandal does not seem to be coming to an end anytime soon.

After apologizing for a sex tape even before seeing it on Instagram, Kevin Hart may just be forced to say he is sorry for the second time, as his extortionist will be releasing another damning video.

Footage from the new clip shows Kevin Hart in a place speculated to be a brothel in a compromising position with a white woman.

The first video was with a white woman (perhaps his sexual urges are definitely colour blind).

kevin hart sex scandal

The blog - Fameolous released the new photos and wrote:

"Just so it's clear I do have a clean version of the video with no blur in it on my iPhone but I won't release it because it will be stolen. Anyway, here's another woman who was pleasing Kevin Hart too. This is a screenshot from my iPhone. Looks like sex brothel?"

After apologizing for his first transgression, his pregnant wife, Eniko, was seen still wearing her wedding band on her way to the hospital for a checkup - an indication that she is standing by her man.

Will this new video shake her resolve?