The Holy Book says if your left hand steals, cut if off. 

The father of 10-year-old boy, Lukman Babarinde, seems to have followed this commandment to the letter after he burnt the boy for allegedly stealing money from a neighbour.

Yaya was alleged to have beaten the victim till he broke his arms after which he asked him to sit on a local stove, stocked with burning coals.

The fire was said to have burnt the victim’s clothes and different parts of his body.

Not done, Yaya allegedly tied up his son with ropes and forced him to kneel.

His sister was said to have later cut off the ropes, after which the victim was rushed to a hospital in the Pagun area, Ibadan, Oyo State, where the incident happened.

When the father of six could not afford the medical bill, Lukman was reportedly taken back home before the intervention of some residents.

In a video clip posted by Hot Naija Videos on Youtube on Tuesday, Yaya was seen being interrogated by a resident who asked him why he adopted such extreme methods to discipline his son.

He said, “I had gone out and when I returned, I was told that he stole somebody’s money. I was surprised because I had given money to him and his siblings to eat. I beat him and asked him not to do that again.

“I then tied his hands and put him on a local stove with ashes underneath. I didn’t know the ashes still had fire. When his clothes caught fire, I saved him. I don’t have the money to take him to a hospital. Please pardon me. It was a mistake and I won’t do such again.”

Yaya’s first daughter, Bidemi, said she cut off the ropes used to tie Lukman, adding that she was shocked  by her father’s action.

The 10-year-old victim, who walked with difficulty and appeared to be in pain, said his father put him in a fire and “burnt my body.”