The Biafra war is history but the effect of that war which the Nigerian government has said was 'unnecessary' continues to linger.

In some minds, it brings pains over losses that should not have happened, a desire to agitate for secession and on individuals, it leaves ailments and scars that may never go away.

One story from the war told by one of Nigeria’s former military leaders, General Ibrahim Babangida, is something that touches the mind.

"Movement from Enugu (Enugu State) to Umuahia (Abia State) was very tough and challenging because you need to be physically fit to be able to undertake that kind of journey on foot.

"We had to go through the jungles and the hills.

"I think it was my toughest encounter in the army because that was where I got wounded in April 1969,” General Babangida was quoted as saying while he shared his experience of the war.


That journey and injury seem to have clawed to the former leader and has refused to go away like a terrible nightmare.  

He had dropped his Khaki, became a politician, but his legs seem to still suffer the peril of that tough journey.

He is now a member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) which is planning its convention to pick a National Chairman and also fill some key positions in the party.

The leader of the committee that is planning the convention, Governor Ifeanyi Okowa, visited the PDP chieftain to have talks with him ahead of the convention, but the leader was captured in a photograph without shoes.

IBB legs swollen he can't wear shoes

It appears the ailment has no name and the cure may also be far from existence, if not several travels abroad by the past leader would have taken this burden away.

However, one man claims IBB’s legs are swollen because the former military leader had denied that he cured him.

Satguru Maharaj Ji, the founder of the One Love Family, claimed he had cured IBB.  

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"I remember that I treated Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, IBB, when he was afflicted by an ailment in his leg. I cured him. But he later denied me. That was why the ailment returned," Premium Times quoted him as saying.

On the convention of the PDP, IBB justified Atiku’s defection and said he is confident that the Okowa-led committee would organise the best convention in PDP’s history.  

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