The White House has had a lot of silly statements to deny since Mr Donald Trump became POTUS, the most recent being the “shithole”.

It was alleged that Donald Trump, in reaction to the rising number of migrants in the US, said “Nigerians never return to their ‘huts’ after seeing America and Haitian immigrants to the United States all have AIDS”.

Reacting, the White House described the quote as “lies based on anonymous sources”.

Then came the allegation that during a meeting to fix the imbalance in the US immigration laws that favour immigrants from African and Central American countries, he referred to those countries as “shitholes”.

Of course, we know Nigeria accounts for the highest number of Africans in America and he must have the country in mind while making this statement, if he did.

Then again, the White House has been busy denying and trying to edit the narratives, albeit inconsistently.

But why do they even bother to deny it? Have we made our countries better than a shithole?

The dictionary describes a shithole as an extremely dirty, shabby, or otherwise unpleasant place.

How clean is your environment? How tidy are the roads? Did you not just litter the road from your car? How coordinated and courteous are you at bus parks, petrol station, or on the highway?

Thanks to everyone, has it been a pleasant experience living in the country?

To other Africans, if your country is running very well and you truly have no reason to relocate, then feel free to demand an apology from Mr Trump.

But I really don’t think there are many Nigerians who should be demanding an apology from any world leader who disrespects them, and this is because we have no respect for ourselves.

If you think this is going to be another ranting about government’s failures, sorry to disappoint you.

This is the country where we cannot follow simple rules of orderliness and the idea of queuing remains alien to many of us.

You block the drainage system in your community with waste and turn round to blame government for your flooding problem, how sensible is that?

The latest proof of a shithole is the police coming out to term it a criminal offence for anyone to make phone calls at filling stations.

How do you describe a people who need to be threatened with arrest before they stop endangering their own lives?

Police Public Relations Officer, Jimoh Moshood, said: “Making phone calls or smoking at filling stations is a criminal offence and the police, of course, could arrest anyone violating the safety rules put in place to safeguard life and property at the filling stations,” he said.

Whether the police have the constitutional right to make new laws is a topic for another time

But I ask, why is it so difficult for Nigerians to do the right things voluntarily?

Why do we like to be forced, beaten, arrested or even jailed before we do things that are ordinary?

Should the fear of danger or even death not be enough for us as a people to act normal and sane?

How do you explain to the world that those who carry out those animalistic and gory jungle justices on suspected criminals are not animals?

Or you think the world did not read about or watch that sad video of the #ALUU4 killing?

A people that shout to government, ‘build pedestrian bridge for us’, yet they will not use them.

How do you justify the way Nigerians drive (one way) against traffic?

It defies logic when you realise that the Nigerians who come out of this so-called shithole are playing major roles in making other countries paradise.

Many of the United States’ most productive citizens are from the countries Mr Trump supposedly referred to as shitholes and that's what makes it hurt even deeper.

But I don’t blame him. If we were not lawless and barbaric in our lifestyle, Nigeria would have been far better than it is today, and no world leader would have imagined that his country is our paradise.

We would have been earning the respect we deserve for our immense contributions to their military, medical sector, IT sector, education sector and overall economy.

Perhaps, Nigeria is indeed a shithole because when many of these people based overseas come back home, their minds reset, and they start misbehaving, and doing things they cannot dare in America.

Some of them easily insult their own Nigerian policemen but give respect to mere security guards in other countries.

So, I am tempted to say the shithole is not our land, it is our minds. For once, let us take the blame as citizens and fix ourselves.