A former Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan, has gotten a share of the piracy issue in Nigeria and its bitter taste is terrible for the man from the region with the sweet crude that yields revenue for Nigeria.

His book, 'My Transition Hours', published of recent, has now been reproduced, by unknown persons, who are smiling to the bank.

He had on his birthday, given Nigerians something to read, a book that was greeted with mixed reactions.

Days after the book was made public, with the paperback going for 5,000 while the hardback is 10,000, it has been reproduced, apparently by persons who wanted to make it more affordable to Nigerians who earn 18,000 Naira minimum wage.

Now, 'My Transition Hours' is being sold on the streets of some cities and towns. 

The former President took to his Facebook page to express his shock over the situation that further highlights the need for the government do the the right thing and end piracy and intellectual theft in Nigeria once and for all. 

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He wrote: "It has come to my attention that a pirated book, purporting to be my Book, My Transition Hours, is now being sold on the streets of some cities and towns. Please note that those copies are not reflective of my book and may have been put out by those unhappy with the book in order to undermine it".

To persuade you to buy the original copy that is considered expensive by some class of Nigerians, the former President gave a list of some authorised outlets in Nigeria where 'My Transition Hours' could be bought.

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