The next time you are about to initiate a quarrel or fight with another Nigerian because of politics or political divide, may be you should just take a look at these pictures again and have a rethink. 

These pictures were taken at the signing of a Peace Accord organised for presidential candidates of major political parties contesting in the election that will hold on Saturday, February 16. 

President Muhammadu Buhari is seeking a second term in office and a former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, wants an opportunity sit at the helm of affairs in Africa's most populous nation. 

The result of theses desires and on whose side the pendulum will swing would seen in less than a week and every adrenaline that may have been triggered by the increase in campaign activities across the nation will calm like a storm in a tea cup. 

Both contenders from the Fulani clan met on Wednesday at the signing of the Peace Accord held at the International Conference Centre (ICC), Abuja.

It was an event organised by the National Peace Committee, with some former past leaders in attendance to witness what was believed to be an agreement that 'there shall be peace in Nigeria before and after the election'. 

When Buhari and Atiku met, it was all smiles and hand shakes. 

President Muhammadu Buhari at the Peace Accord sig

Everyone at the hall gave all attention to the two of them, as they shook hands, a circumstance they have seen occur very rarely all through this period of campaign.

It was not a surprise to see the looks on the faces of the people, especially if you have paid attention to the 'calumny' in the campaign statements of some of the supporters of the two candidates and even from the leadership of the parties they belong to. 

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Statements that gave inclinations that these contenders were antagonists or even enemies have continued to fly about, debasing the demands of the populace that campaigns should be issue-based. 

Here there are again smiling at each other, but one will only hope that as it shows on their faces it came from their minds. 

Smile is contagious and that could be seen in the picture that had everyone in the background smiling.  

President Muhammadu Buhari at the Peace Accord sig

Smile and pray that Nigeria will have a peaceful election and that the peace will also continue after the election. 

Are you 'Atikulated', in Buhari's Next Level camp, a supporter of Sowore, Moghalu, Durotoye or Fagbenro-Byron, whatever party you belong to, it is Nigeria's good and the good of all its citizens that should be the driving force in our decisions. 

Let this Peace Accord also occur to you as something to also uphold. Replace every hate speech with that of peace. 

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