Former governor of Ogun State, Gbenga Daniel described the report as "fake news".

"Dokpesi is our friend but, this is a race that I am a front runner. How do you expect somebody who is a front runner to step down for another person?

"It’s not done that way. We are friends; we are working together but there is no issue of stepping down in this matter at all.”

On programmes he has for the party if elected national chairman, Daniel said: "Part of my job, if I become the chairman, is to resolve conflict, like what you have seen in Ilorin.


"We will sit down with the two factions and see how we can resolve it so that everyone has a sense of belonging.

"Whenever you see this kind of conflict, it means the party is strong; it means everybody wants to own the party, everybody wants to belong so, it actually is strength, and that is how we should look at it.”

Daniel, who expressed hope that the South West would trim down the number of aspirants for the position, said the party's leaders in the region will speak with one voice at the convention.

“We are working very hard at it. You know in the South West, people are highly educated, and so when you see an avalanche of good personalities showing interest in the party, its sign of good health.”

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