He wanted to demonstrate the raw power of God!

40-year-old Pastor Robinson Githumba of Eagle Prophetic Church in Kenya alongside his members spent the whole of Wednesday at a mortuary praying.

His late wife, Polly Kagendo, 38, died of TB on Sunday.

Githumba insisted that his wife was not dead but only resting and would resurrect on the fourth day like the biblical Lazarus.

On getting to the mortuary, he asked the mortuary attendants to remove his wife's body and put it in an open place for the prayers.

Armed with bibles, they prayed enthusiastically, singing and shouting at the top of their voices expecting a miracle.

They invoked God's name to resurrect Kagendo.

Drenched in sweat, they continued until 5pm when the attendants sought to return the body as they were to close for the day.

The woman will be buried on Saturday.