As horrible as it may appear, it is certain that necessary marital rites have to be performed between the living and the dead in order for traditions to take its normal course.

This is the position of Mr. and Mrs. Nwanma, the parents of the late Chinyere Ebere who was stabbed to death by her lover, Saliu Ladapo in Akure.

The parents who spoke to our reporter at their residence in Akure insisted that the suspect must marry their daughter's corpse at their home town in Oru East Local Government Area of Imo State before burying her.

“He must perform the normal traditional rites by taking the corpse to our village in Oru East in Imo state where the marriage would take place.

“It is mandatory that he pays everything times two of the normal way because he brought our daughter dead for marriage. He would perform all the traditional rites before our family would let him go'' Mr Nwanma told Bounce News.

Continuing, he said:

“This is because without these traditional rites, every young person from the family of the boy would never get to the age of our daughter, but must die a sudden death just like our daughter.

“This is not our making, it is the tradition of our ancestors even before we were born. Our people all over the world are waiting for the court judgment. Any way it goes, the boy must perform those marital rites to our daughter’s corpse before anything''

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While the tradition seems to be awful and dreadful to perform, some members of the society have however given their nods to it as a deserving punishment for such an errant lover.

Adenike Ajiboye, a psychologist said this will teach the killer serious lessons.

"Although, I don't really believe in such a tradition as it is too barbaric and horrible, but I believe for this singular purpose, it is the best way to go. It will definitely correct this kind of abnormality in the society.

"If he eventually performs the tradition, I can assure you that it will take him a very long time to be psychologically stabilized" she said.

Bounce News had reported that the deceased, Chinyere Ebere Nwanma was allegedly stabbed to death by Saliu Ladapo following a brief disagreement that ensued between them.

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