Sex education is one very important learning curve for your children which you shouldn’t outsource as a parent. 

With the increasing rate of sex abuse of minors these days, it is necessary to teach your children what they should know about sex and how to identify inappropriate behaviour from an adult or a playmate.

Yes, it can be very daunting and uncomfortable but it has to be done. And to get you through this, we’ve compiled some useful tips to help you teach your little ones sex education the right way. 

It's never too early to enlighten your child on the need to speak out if they're ever touched inappropriately

1. Use simple and honest language: Having a conversation about sex with little children below age 10 requires the simplest of languages to get the message across to their young minds. Use the correct words for body parts (vagina, penis, testes, scrotum, nipples, etc.) so that the child knows exactly what they are called and used for. You can explain these body parts during everyday moments such as during bath time or when dressing up the child.

2. Ask direct questions: Be curious about what your child already knows, if at all. The best way to find out is by asking the child direct questions like, “Do you know where babies come from?” Your child’s response will let you understand the extent of his/her knowledge. Correct any misinformation by providing the facts. For instance, explaining to the child that “Babies don’t grow inside mummy’s tummy, but in a special place in mummy’s body called a womb or uterus.”

Take the time to enlighten your children on their various parts

3. Offer information: You don’t always have to wait for your child to ask questions before you tell them what they need to know about sex and sexuality. You could begin a conversation on sex by asking your child, “Have you ever wondered about where you come from?” Or “Do you know how you were born?” You can then go ahead and explain to the child using simple words such as, “To make a baby, a sperm from a man and an egg from a woman join together. This happens after a man puts his penis inside a woman’s vagina.” It also helps to read children-friendly books with your child about where babies come from.

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4. What’s not okay: Part of sex education is letting your child know that their private parts are very important and should not be played with, and that it is not okay for anyone to touch them there. Remind him/her to always inform you if someone touches them in a way that made them feel uncomfortable.