Modern society comes with a great deal of perks including being able to pay other people to do things for you that you find too stressful or too busy to handle yourself; including raising a child.

Of course, not every couple is up to the superhuman task of having thriving careers and taking care of their children full time, so it’s expected that some might seek the help of a nanny to watch over the kids or a maid to get things done around the house.

Don’t create unnecessary gaps between you and your children for whatever reason.

However, it is becoming problematic these days that young Nigerian parents have practically handed the job of bringing up their children to paid strangers.

Nannies, maids and school teachers are now the ones saddled with teaching other people’s little children basic things about life that they should learn from their parents. From potty training to feeding to learning simple manners, some young parents have left all these to the paid help since they don’t know where to draw the line. These ‘new generation’ parents make it a point to provide the money and means their children need, but they’re hardly available to be involved.

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You may argue that the parents need to work in order to provide for the children so that should justify their lack of involvement, but remember that children are more attached to the people who they spend more of their time with.

This is why you see lots of children nowadays who relate well with their nannies but relate with their parents as though they're strangers. And this is also why many of these types of parents find it difficult to discipline their children whenever they misbehave.

It doesn’t matter how much money you’re making, if you leave the formative and most important years of your children’s lives to others to experience, know that they will grow up seeing you as Santa Clause – someone who only shows up occasionally with goodies but is never really a part of their lives.

Don’t create unnecessary gaps between you and your children for whatever reason. Even if you have a nanny for your children, try to be involved with their homework, school projects and so on. Play with them and ask them about their day. Be their friend and let them know they can trust and talk to you.

Simply put, be your children’s parents because you cannot buy back lost time. Don’t turn your children into accessories, be 100% invested in raising them to be responsible people.