Christmas time is always a beehive of activities around the home.

The season is also not complete without a visit to one or two holiday spots and sometimes, travelling. So, as you go out this season with your family, here are some important tips to keep in mind to ensure that your children are safe.

1. Safety within the home: With all the activities going on within the home, it could be possible to overlook certain things that you may otherwise pay attention to during any other regular time of the year. During this festive period, remember to keep alcohol out of the reach of your little children, especially the toddlers. Also, do not let them handle fragile/breakable ornaments that could potentially injure them. Lighting the (electric powered) Christmas tree should strictly be done by an adult no matter how much the kids beg to do it; that way, you will be saving them from possible electrocution if anything goes wrong.

2. Safety with guests: Whether your family members or friends are visiting you at home or you’re the ones doing the visiting, never forget to keep a close eye on your children. In most cases of child molestation and abuse, family members or friends have been discovered to be the main culprits. This doesn’t mean you should give anyone who plays with your child the side eye, but it pays to be attentive all the same. Never allow your child be in the company of a stranger alone even if he’s someone that came along with your family member or friend. Be as observant as possible, and never brush aside your child’s complains regarding anyone s/he has been in contact with during a visitation. 

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3. Safety in public places: Wherever you go this yuletide season would most likely be crowded with revelers like yourself, so be sure to keep your little ones extra close. Never allow them to wander off on their own even if where they’re going to is within your line of vision. It only takes a split second for a kidnapper to whisk a child away, so be vigilant and take the pains to walk them to wherever they want to go – including the restroom. You know what they say; “Better safe than sorry.”