Christmas is all about the spirit of giving; and who better to give to if not your children – the true epitome of love?

Before going out to purchase a gift for your little ones, depending on their age, you might want to ask them what they want or decide to surprise them. Whichever the case, here are some useful tips to keep in mind when choosing Christmas gifts for your kids.

Children's age is very important in determining what gift to get

1. Consider their age: Getting age appropriate gifts for your children is important because buying them something they could potentially use to harm themselves would be a complete waste of your money. Thankfully, most toys are labeled with the suitable age bracket so that you can tell if your child is old enough to play with them or not. Avoid buying items with small detachable parts that your toddler can pull apart and accidentally swallow. Safety is a prerequisite of choosing children’s gifts.

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2. Lifespan of the items: Breakable toys obviously won’t last long, so buying a fragile gift that could be permanently damaged even before Christmas day is over is a recipe for disaster. Therefore, go for items that are sturdy and also useful; for instance, you could buy your toddler a children’s tablet that contains nursery rhymes and alphabet songs. S/he can play and learn with it at the same time. For preteen children, toys like bicycles or scooters are great options too.

3. Family friendly: It’s also a good idea to buy a kind of gift that everyone can play; for instance, a puzzle or board game (like Monopoly, Snakes and Ladders or Scrabbles). Even though it’s a game for the kids, you can also join them in playing these games and make it a family game that you can all enjoy equally.