When life is at risk, personal belongings are not so much of a worry for an individual.

This situation played out, as traders at Omiyale Tailoring Material Market in Ibadan went into panic after the Ogunpa River level rose and found its way into the market.

Both traders and their apprentices scampered for safety while some made efforts to save their stocks, as the water level rose.

According to reports available to Bounce News, the flooding of the market was caused by a new shopping complex under construction in the market.


The drainage system in the market connected to Ogunpa River had been blocked by the activities of workers at the construction site.

Adeola Odole, an apprentice at the market said it was a scene that scared everyone, with the memories of "Omiyale" the Ogunpa flood disaster still fresh.

"It was very scary when we saw the water entering the shops, stores and stalls. 

"We all had to rush fetching the water with every available container to pour into the river.

"You know we deal in cloth related materials. We had many of our goods destroyed while we had to dry some of them after the whole scare," Adeola added.

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Bounce News also gathered that a male apprentice who had tried to open up the blocked drainage during the rain was seriously injured and had to be rushed to a nearby hospital.

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