A 25-year-old palm oil tapper is to die by hanging for killing a 4-year-old boy.  

Tajudeen Ganiyu was sentenced to death by an Osun High Court for killing Tesleem Bakare.

The convict was said to have abducted the victim when he was sent to buy groundnut by her grandmother in 2017.

The child used to reside in Iragbiji town of the state.

The palm oil tapper was later arrested by some youths who launched a search for Teslim by his father, Isiaka Bakare.

Ganiyu was taken to the palace of Aragbiji of Iragbiji, where he was handed over to the police.

He confessed to the police to have killed the boy and led them to the bush at Iragbiji where they found the corpse.

The convict was arraigned in October 2017 for conspiracy and murder.

Delivering judgment on the matter on Thursday, the presiding Judge, Justice Jide Falola convicted Ganiyu on one count of murder.

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The court noted that the convict, during his trial on February 14, 2018, admitted guilt of murder but claimed to be mentally challenged.

Justice Falola stated that the convict could not give satisfactory evidence of where he was confirmed or treated for any mental illness.

“The accused did not exhibit any sign of insanity in the box as observed by the court. He answered all questions satisfactorily in the box during the proceeding,” Falola noted. 

The court submitted that the young boy was slaughtered like a ram and thereby convicted the accused as charged.

The Legal Aid Council, who represented the convict, Esther Napoleon, prayed the court to be merciful in sentencing the convict, noting that he is a first offender.

Justice Falola, however, ruled that the convict should be hanged by the neck till he dies.

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