Jesus Christ is the world’s richest man.

By his name alone, pastors rake in billions and fly in private jets.

And even so, he continues to rake in tons of cash, 2,000 years after the Christian messiah went back to heaven.

On Tuesday, his painting by a renowned artist, Leonardo da Vinci called “Salvator Mundi” was unveiled at Christie’s in New York.

It will be offered at auction on November 15 for $100 million.

The painting is the last Leonardo Da Vinci painting dating from around 1,500 years.

The painting depicts Jesus Christ as the world’s savior.

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The Christie’s auction house on Tuesday, estimated its worth at $100 million, the AFP reported.

The painting which was long believed to be a copy of an original by the Italian master, was eventually certified as authentic.

Fewer than 20 works by Da Vinci, whose art was already highly sought after during his lifetime, have survived to this day — all of them held in museum or institutional collections, with the exception of “Salvator Mundi.”

As a general rule, very few pre-19th-century artworks remain in private ownership, and it is extremely rare for one of them to be offered at auction.

“For auction specialists, this is pretty much the Holy Grail, no pun intended, but it doesn’t really get better than that,” said Loic Gouzer, co-chairman of Christie’s Americas post-war and contemporary art department.

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