In the multitude of many talk sin is not lacking, but he who restrains his tongue is wise. 

This scriptural statement is something that everyone should have at the back of their mind before uttering some statements. 

It was in the midst of a discussion on child sexual abuse that Morayo Afolabo-Brown, a presenter with TVC, made a bizarre statement that she is doing her best now to manage and remedy.

The tongue is a beast and it is her husband that the statement directly impacted after it came forth. 

She may have forgotten that she was in Africa and then Nigeria where culture and sentiments still pay huge role when people form opinions about an individual. 

On national television, Mrs Afolabi-Brown said she would not allow her husband to bathe her female child and that statement has now been given different meanings, with many having a different perception about her husband. 

She has now started a damage control to remedy the situation.

After the bizarre statement, Morayo apologised to her husband on the same platform, saying it was a sleep of tongue and was not an intention to drag him in the mud. 

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"I will like to express my sincere apologies to my husband. It was not my intention. I love, trust and respect my husband. It was a skip....", she said and broke down in tears. 

"It will not happen again...," she continued while still subbing.  

A video of hers making another apology to put the records straight is also in circulation on Twitter.

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