When the video of Dance by Timaya which features Rudeboy (P-Square) surfaced few days ago, many feared the P-Square breakup drama was starting again.

But Bounce News can tell you exclusively that Peter and Paul are not planning any breakup...at least not for now.

According to the group's publicist of many years, Mr Bayo Adetu, there are no issues in the P-Sqaure camp.

"I can tell you that there are no issues at all in the P-Square camp.

"The song - Dance, was recorded long ago when there were issues and I believe Timaya has a right to release his music at a time he deems it right.

"So, it is only normal that you see only Paul in the video," he told Bounce News.

The veteran journalist also highlighted the fact that Peter and Paul have done a great job at developing themselves as individual brands and fans should "just relax" and continue to appreciate them for their gifts and contributions to African music.

For those who still mix things up, the dreadlocks-wearing Paul is Rudeboy, while Peter is Mr. P and they have kept those identities flying alongside the P-Square brand.

This, we believe, is part of what makes P-Square one of the greatest brands in African music.

We guess fans of the pop stars might just need to get used to seeing more of such individual appearances.