Perhaps it is time for the people of Oyo state to vote for a woman to become the governor of the ancient state.

They might just enjoy better governance owing to the selfless nature woman are known for.

This is the bait that the governorship candidate of the National Interest Party (NIP) in Oyo State Princess Omobolanle Sarumi-Aliyu seems to be selling.

She says her one-year salary will be devoted to humanity if elected as the governor of the state.

She appeared on an Oyo State NAWOJ platform for women governorship candidates contesting the governorship election in the state on Tuesday, January 15 at the NUJ premises.

That was where she made her ambitious promise, while tasking youths in Oyo state not to allow themselves to be used to rig her out in the governorship election.

"I will not take salary if elected as governor of Oyo state. In fact, my one year salary will be devoted to humanity. It is time for women to come out and join in this struggle. We must fight this battle together", she said.

Princess Sarumi pointed out that the time had come for Nigerians to entrust women with much power for the country to witness the needed development.

According to her, Nigeria men are yet to get it right in terms of governance because they are not treating the underlining factors but only concentrating on building roads.

Sarumi’s mission is to ensure that every citizen in Oyo state lives a fulfilled life, because as at present, majority of the people in Oyo state live in poverty.

Now, her special package for her fellow women is to ensure free ante-natal care for pregnant women in Oyo state as well as for those above 65 and also put in place a better education system for the state.

Commenting on the controversy over local government autonomy in the country, she said if elected, she will restore local government autonomy.

She said, "It is very wrong, I will monitor, I will tell them. if you mess up, I will get you out" but her opponents will ask how she intends to boot out administrators duly elected into office by their own people.

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