The National Secretariat of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has washed off its hands from the complaint of negligence leveled against it by a caucus of the party known as New-Peoples Democratic Party (n-PDP)

The party leadership stated that the protest made to it by the caucus  was ill-timed and misdirected.

This is said to be the position of the party's National Chairman, John Odigie Oyegun, at a meeting of party officials in Abuja shortly after the n-PDP fired its letter of protest on alleged ill-treatment of its members within the ruling party.

According to reports, the APC Chairman had told party officials that he is at the moment preoccupied with conduct of congresses of the party and planning for APC’s national convention, and hence has no time to attend to the memo by n-PDP.

It is not likely that the Oyegun-led APC will take action to address the issues raised in the n-PDP letter as the 7-day ultimatum the political bloc issued to APC ends on Tuesday.

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The mood at the APC National Secretariat, according to members who spoke in confidence, is that the n-PDP protest lacked substance since its top members are in control of key positions in the present administration, while also holding the Senate Presidency.

There are speculations, however, that the Abubakar Baraje-led n-PDP will move out of the APC en-bloc to join a new political party, as members are said to have engaged in consultations with the PDP on issues at stake. 

The n-PDP in its four-page letter dated April 27, 2018, titled “Request for redressing of grievances of the former new PDP bloc within the All Progressives Congress,” had complained of being sidelined by the APC and had demanded a redress within the next 7 days.

n-PDP in the letter, argued that APC was able to win the Presidency back in 2015 partly because of votes contributed by its members and hence deserved a better treatment from the APC.

The letter reads in part: “We the members of the APC who moved over from the PDP to form the APC before the 2015 General Electrons in Nigeria are desirous of strengthening our party, especially now that new party Congresses have commenced and the Convention and another round of General Elections are imminent.

“Obviously, this cannot be achieved without addressing fundamental issues, which we wish to raise in the letter. We therefore wish, with due respect, to re-state our expectation then and now that the APC we all laboured to build would be one united, inclusive, cohesive and progressive party devoid of divisions, factions, cleavages and tendencies.

“We envisioned a political party promoting equal rights for all Nigerians and ensuring rapid and even development across the country.

“Of course, there is no gainsaying that the fact that the lofty ideals enumerated above cannot be attained without ensuring justice for party faithful and citizens”.

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