Since 2005 when the war between the people of Igbeagu in Ebonyi State and Ukere in Cross River State resurfaced, human activities have been paralyzed in the area.

Several lives and properties running into millions of naira have been wasted to the boundary war.

Bounce News interviewed some of the Internally Displaced Persons during a visit of the Minister of Interior, Bello Dambazau to the troubled area.

Edegbe Josephine Chioma, a Senior Secondary School Student of Bright Destiny International, Ndiakparata from Ngujiola village in Izzi Local Government Area recounted her ordeal.

She disclosed that the entire schools in the area, both private and public have been shut down as a result of the crisis.

“Some teachers teaching us are no longer coming to school for fear of attack because they are not residing here.

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“Over ten schools in this place including public and private ones have been shut down because of this crisis.

“I feel so sad. I was in school when this war resurfaced when we hurriedly closed school.

“I was five years when this war started in 2005. I am sad because many innocent people are dying because of this war, we are not happy seeing our children, parents and people killed because of this war. We want to be free from this war.''

Nnaji Felicia-Ngujiola, one of the IDPs at their camp in Oshiegbe Primary School Onunwakpu, decried the crowd at the camp.

“This war started in 2005 and since then, Ukele people have not allowed us to rest, they have been killing us. They have ceased our farmlands and chased us away.

“See the crowd that is here, we have been displaced, we have no place to live again because they have destroyed, burnt our house.

“We are appealing to the federal government to demarcate the land so that we can know the place that is our own because we do not even know whether we are in Cross River or Ebonyi state,” she stated.

Dambazau gave the assurances that the federal government would collaborate with the states to end the crisis.

“I want to assure that federal government will put heads together with your state to do everything possible to ensure that you are resettled back to your homes and continue your normal life.

“I am not happy to see these children displaced, they are not going to school. To see you outside here you are not going to your farms when you depend on that farm to sustain your lives.

“So, everything we can do, we will do. if it is a matter on boundary, we will work on that day and night to make sure that we find solution to it. The solution is there but we must sit down and look for it.''

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