Even in victory, Senate President Bukola Saraki has regrets.

If only the APC-led government of Nigeria had been focused on their job of fixing the country rather than fighting among themselves, Nigeria would have been better.

In a rare admittance of failure, the Kwara politician who has just been acquitted of corruption charges by the Supreme Court blamed certain forces who are against him for their joint failure as a party.

“Instead of exhibiting the need for unity and working day and night for that purpose, we are stoking the fire of division and rancour.

“As a result of the war of attrition, various arms of government have wasted resources needlessly. It has been three wasted years across board in this country.

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“Three years that would have been devoted to tackling issues affecting Nigerians, including: economic recovery, insecurity, youth unemployment and strengthening national institutions – were wasted on malicious prosecution.

“People were ready to trade-off three years that would have been devoted to fostering cooperation, unity and economic progress for their selfish ends.

“It is my hope that those who are behind my persecution will see the handwriting on the wall and leave me to do the work for which I was elected, so I can continue to give my all to this great country of ours.

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“As many have rightly observed, it is plain to see that the anti-corruption fight is being prosecuted with vindictiveness, to target perceived political opponents.

“I believe in the need to fight corruption, but I will never be party to the selective application of the law or the rhetoric of an insincere anti-corruption fight,” he said.

This was part of his reaction after the Supreme Court upheld the earlier decision of the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT), discharging and acquitting him of all 18 corruption charges he had been standing trial for.

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