After the Inspector-General of Police “refused” to appear before the Nigerian Senate to answer questions regarding the treatment of their member, they declared him an “enemy of democracy”.

But the police would not accept the declaration of the IGP as an enemy of democracy and have vowed to go to court.

The Commissioner of Police (Legal) Force Headquarters, David Igbodo, was on live television on Thursday and he berated the lawmakers for their ignorance.

With his points, you could tell he would have loved to say you guys overrate yourselves.

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He wondered why the Senate have turned the issue into a personal matter against a police boss who has appeared before them about 10 times in two years.

So, really, why have they suddenly labelled him ‘enemy of democracy’ if they understood the democracy they are supposed to practice?

“Any citizen who is aggrieved by any action has to approach the court because it is the rule of law that determined democracy, not the rule of persons or leadership of any organization,” Igbodo said.

He argued further that the suspect, Dino Melaye had approached the court over his grievances, while the police has also taken the case to court.

“Senator Dino Melaye has approached the court, the IG has gone to court and the Senate Rules – Order 53, Rule 5 says that any matter that is awaiting the decision of the court should not be mentioned before the national assembly.

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“Then I listened to Misau speak at the floor of the national assembly yesterday. One of his grievances is that IG came to the national assembly with a lawyer.

“I have a lot of respect for the senator and the national assembly, they are respected people but some of them, to a very large extent, do not even read their rules.

“The Senate rules we have here says if anybody is invited for investigation purposes, he has the right to bring his lawyer to come with him to guide him.

“And he (Misau) is aggrieved that IG came to the national assembly with a lawyer. What is wrong with that? He doesn’t read.”

The police officer insisted that the senators are out to tarnish the image and good works of his boss and they would not take that lying down.

This may be one big showdown that will be entertaining and educative for all citizens.

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