As usual, they came in their hundreds to the premises of the Lagos High Court, Igbosere seeking justice.

They are the former residents of Otodo Gbame community. Women, children and some men are here to challenge the decision of state authorities to forcefully reclaim their land.

On the last adjourn date, the court raised an issue of jurisdiction and asked parties to address it, but the respondent failed to file their written address on time, they only served the applicant the written address today, so the court adjourned till June 21 for final judgement.

Earlier, the court heard a suit challenging its right to preside over the matter.

The plantiff (residents of Otodo Gbame) and the defence (Lagos state govt); failed to file their written addresses within the 7 days specified by the court.

Counsel to the state government only served the counsel to Otodo-Gbame their written address on Thursday. This caused the court to adjourn till June 21 for final judgement.