Residents of the demolished Otodo Gbame community would have to wait for another month to know whether they would reclaim their land.

This is because a Lagos High Court sitting at Igbosere has postponed judgment in the suit filed by residents against the Lagos State government.

The court had on April 12 promised to deliver its final ruling on the suit on April 25.

Residents of the community in their hundreds as early as 7 am on Tuesday stormed the court to witness the final ruling on matter.

Those who could not find a place in the court room sad on the foyer of court.

They were, however, disappointed when the court failed to deliver judgment.

Justice Surajudeen Onigbangbo said he was postponing the judgment because the Lagos State government has raised the issue of jurisdiction on the matter.

While I was going through the court processes, I discovered that issues of jurisdiction were raised,” the judge said.

"Issues of jurisdiction raised by the respondents should be addressed.

“The applicant will have seven days to file their relevant court processes while the respondents also have seven days to file their court processes in response to the applicant.”

After Tuesday's siting