Is it mere coincidence or there is something sinister about the Otedola Bridge on the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway?

Few days ago, 12 people lost their lives while 54 vehicles were burnt when a fuel-laden tanker lost control and exploded.

While the grief caused by the accident is very fresh in most people's mind, another accident was recorded on the bridge on the 27th of June involving a commercial bus and a car.

A young mother narrowly escaped death after she jumped out of the bus just before it somersaulted.

Desire Gold narrated the incident and shared photos of the accident scene.

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"On the 27th of June 2018, I boarded a bus to Ojodu Bergar, on getting to Otedola bridge, the driver marched the break and it didn't hold.

"With the speed he hit a car in front of us, he came down to open his bus and the car he hit moved and i was at the back seat, everyone jumped off but almost too late for me cos the car was almost somersaulting.

"It was at this point my colleague shouted that I should jump and on doing that, I jumped into another vehicle landing with my head, all I was thinking about before my head went blank was my kids, mum and siblings.

"But i thank God for the immediate responses of the emergency unit in Lagos state here, that arrived at the scene few mins after the incident."

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