Nigeria has so many problems with obvious solutions. But due to lack of political will to address it, they always linger leading to avoidable losses.

The problems of fuel tankers exploding on the road and resulting in mass casualties or empty tankers taking over the road and causing traffic congestion are some of such problems.

But it appears that after the Otedola bridge accident where up to 12 lives were lost and over 50 vehicles destroyed, the federal government is now willing wake up from its slumber to address the challenge.

On Wednesday, it announced that 10 major truck transit parks should be ready for operations by next year in order to help address the dangers posed by heavy duty trucks and oil tankers on Nigerian roads.

"Our timeline is that by next year, we will have not less than 10 truck parks across the country where in each park you are going to have hotels for the truckers to rest, mechanic workshops, banks, etc,” said Anthonia Akpabio-Ekpa who is the Director, Road Transport and Mass Transit Unit Administration, Federal Ministry of Transportation.

She said the parks would be located along major highways in all six geopolitical zones of the country, adding that a lot of foreign and local investors had shown interest to construct the facilities.

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According to her, “Most Nigerians are familiar with the challenges we encounter on some of our roads as a result of the high presence of trucks. The Federal Government is aware of this and the ministry has been trying to ensure that the trucking business in Nigeria is boosted through the provision of the required amenities.

“What we have done in the past two years, which is currently ongoing, is that we have developed a proposal for truck transit parks. The parks are to be located in most of our cities and we have identified about 13 to be located across the country,” said Akpabio-Ekpa.

Akpabio-Ekpa stated that after several researches by the ministry, it discovered that one of the major challenges to truck drivers was the lack of parks for their vehicles.

She said, “You know what is going on in Lagos now between the state government and truckers. So, what we are doing at the Ministry of Transportation is that we are partnering state governments to identify those critical areas of convergence of trucks so as to construct a huge hub where all the trucks in any given region could gather, rather than park along our roads.”

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