Things are not looking good in Osun state.

From voters and party agents being attacked, to media personnel being prevented from documenting the voting process, violence is quickly becoming the order of the day in the 2018 Osun rerun governorship elections.

Mr Abodunrin was attacked in his polling unti at Adereti village

Our Bounce News reporter spoke with an agent of the People's Democratic Party (PDP), Olufemi Abodunrin who was attacked in his polling unit at Adereti village in Ife South local government.

Speaking with Bounce News, Abodunrin who is the PDP agent for unit 12, ward 7 stated that he arrived at the polling unit as early as 7am and proceeded to check the materials alongside his fellow party agents.

Not long after his arrival, agents of the All Progressives Congress (APC) arrived and started sharing caps to APC officials. As they did this, thugs also arrived the place with charms, sticks and machetes and proceeded to attack those who didn't have the APC caps on.

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''They came with different weapons like charms, sticks, axes and they were going to use it to injure PDP members. When the PDP members saw this they fled the place''.

As at the time this happened, roughly 10 people had voted.

Narrating further, Abodunrin pointed out that most of those on the queue were not registered voters:

''We complained to the INEC officials that most of those on the queue were not accredited voters. Infact 2 people on the queue were identified on the queue as not being the true owners of their voters card. They were arrested by the police when we discovered but released immediately.''

Barrister Tope Elusogbon, another PDP party leader who was attacked in Adereti village

Interestingly enough, when Bounce News pointed out the absence of said PDP agent in the polling unit to the Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) official, he claimed ignorance of his absence.

When the INEC official was further queried on whether elections could take place without the presence of a party agent, he stated that there were 5 agents from other political parties. Thus elections could go on in the absence of the PDP agent.

Similar stories have continued to trickle in from polling centres where the rerun elections are taking place in Osun state, as PDP agents are reportedly being hunted down and attacked.