"I will be bringing it (evidence in court) up one by one gba-gam, gba-gam. The APC is so scared right now. They could not even celebrate because they stole our mandate. They stole the people of Osun's mandate".

That's according to the governorship candidate of the PDP as the recently concluded election in Osun state, Ademola Adeleke.

He said this on Saturday while reacting to the results of the supplementary election announced by INEC.

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Senator Adeleke claims the APC tried to kill him while he was resident in Ede during the polls.

"Yes the planned it. Yes, they planned to kill me in the state here. I was just like... I did not even know why. Why can't they go for other people?

"It is because I am the only one that can defeat them", he added.

While speaking on the conduct of the Saturday 22 polls, Senator Adeleke claims INEC officials received orders from above not to announce him as the duly elected winner of the polls.

"Osun state was in a siege. The police and army have been compromised including INEC.

"Even with the fake result, the 419 result they brought out yesterday, we (PDP) had extra 2,000 plus and they (INEC) promised to add it.

"We were in shock yesterday when they told us that the instruction was from above. Even with this fake result, adding our 2,000 plus votes, we still won.

"So, the original election - the first election I won because they were caught unawares. They never believed that Osun people will come out en-mass.

"Despite the fact that they even rigged it, they were deducting from our (PDP) own. They deducted, they deducted, they deducted, but because it ws live, they were caught unawares. 

"By the time they had done the calculation, they were like WOW! Adeleke has won. But they got an instruction that they should not announce me as the winner.

"And the whole world is watching and they keep mocking our democracy", he said.