Drama and antics have continued to unfold in the Osun governorship election.

While the results of the election were being announced on Sunday morning in the state's capital, two young man suspected to be involved in election material destruction were caught. 

The two suspects were seen at a stand by people around the location where the result of election was posted in Ayedade Local Government Area. 

One of them was trying to tear off the result posted when passers-by raised alarm.

They have not been identified.

two suspects trying to destroy election result arr
One of the suspects who claimed he was a staff of INEC

But one of then, allegedly a staff of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), told Bounce News that his boss, another unidentified INEC staff, told him to run to where the result was posted and tear it off. 

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The result sheet was the controversial one that showed the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) polling 10,836 votes, with 1,000 votes allegedly missing.

One of the suspects was just being dragged off the bus when Bounce News accosted him and he confessed to being used by an INEC official.

two suspects trying to destroy election result arr

The officially announced result by INEC for the local council was;

ADP - 1,654
APC - 10,861
PDP - 9,836
SDP - 2,967

The suspects were handed over to the police by the individuals who caught them in the act. 

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The police said they would launch further probe into the issue and bring accomplices to book.  

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