It is election time in Osun state, that is what the rest of Nigeria knows but for owners of hotel businesses in Osogbo, its Christmas!

If you do not have a home or relatives in the Osun state capital, and you have arrived on the eve of the governorship election, you are on a long thing.

Finding a hotel to lodge has been a terrible experience for journalists, civil society observers, politicians and other persons who have roles to play in the Sept 22 election.

From Olaiya to Oke Fia, Agunbelewo, Ikirun road, Gbogan road, and other parts of the town, all hotels have been fully booked.

In some hotels visited by Bounce News correspondents in our search for a place to stay, we were told rooms have been booked since February 2018.

However, many of those who were not lucky enough to be fully booked are also taking advantage of the desperateness to maximize profit.

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How did we know?

The price list that is usually available at many hotel front desks have gone missing.

Of course they did not develop wings. They had to give way for a new price regime.

A front desk officer in one of the major hotels on Gbogan road axis refused to show the company's official price list despite our constant demand for it.

"This is the price the owner wants to give out his rooms. I am only doing what they told me to do," she insisted.

While the hoteliers are happy about the election, other business owners cannot wait for it to be over.

Traders who will not be able to open shop on election day are praying INEC gets its acts together, wrap up activities early so that traders can make the rest of Saturday count.

The election umpire has stated that voting is 8am-2pm and both accreditation and voting will happen at same time.

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