The People's Democratic Party's candidate in the Osun governorship election, Senator Ademola Adeleke appears to have been underrated by other competitors especially the APC.

Adeleke swept the votes as expected in his local council area Ede South: ADP-357 APC-4512 PDP-16693 SDP-855.

Senator Adeleke Defeats Aregbesola In Illesa

The dancing Senator as he is now known by friends and foes took it a step further and defeated incumbent governor, Rauf Aregbesola in his local council area, Ilesa West: ADP-2363 APC-7251 PDP-8286 SDP-2480.

Prior to the start of the election on Saturday, Senator Adeleke was seen as a non-contender especially after he shunned all the debates.

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He seems to have stunned the incumbent APC and its candidate, Adeoti. Bounce News earlier got some unconfirmed reports that Adeoti's camp has been abandoned by civil servants.

Salaries owed civil servants ran for almost 3 years - under the modulated salary scheme where people got paid half salaries for over 24 months.

Senator Adeleke Defeats Aregbesola In Illesa

Just ahead of the polls, all outstanding sums were miraculously paid.

As at now - 6am - the PDP is leading after winning 8 in 11 local council results announced so far.