Stomach infrastructure in Osun state is on another level.

It appears bowls of rice is no more the premium food item politicians share with their local and mostly poor followers.

For the Speaker of the Osun state House of Assembly, Najeem Salam, the dividends of democracy for his constituents in Ejigbo is in the form of Gala sausage roll and Lipton tea.

This was his way of showing appreciation to the people for their unflinching support and to celebrate the yuletide.

The Speaker, who is also a governorship hopeful, used the opportunity to also announce his arrival from the United States of America where he spent his annual leave.

Meanwhile, residents became curious when the absence of Najeem Salam from the Assembly saw the House become suddenly vibrant as they took steps in making some far reaching decisions.

First was the invocation of warrant of arrest on a former commissioner for lands in the state and son of late Bola Ige, Muyiwa Ige.

Then came the ordering of Governor Rauf Aregbesola to revoke the license of a construction company.

These moves were seen as an affront to the authority of the governor who, as Osun people say, “had the assembly in his pocket”, thanks to the alleged submissiveness of Speaker Najeem Salam to the governor.

With this latest show of "generosity" from Najeem Salam, people are of the view that he may be kick-starting his governorship ambition through the distribution of Gala and Lipton tea.

It is safe to assume that Speaker Salam admits that Osun people are hungry. One would expect that more effort is being put into the payment of salaries being owed workers.


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