Barely a day after officially declaring his interest to succeed his principal, Governor Rauf Aregesola as Governor of Osun State, a mysterious bird has been captured while attempting to crash into the campaign office of Aregbesoal's Chief of Staff, Gboyega Oyetola.

Security personnel of the Nigeria Civil defense corps who were stationed at the office struggled with the mysterious bird before it was captured in the early hours of Wednesday.

According to the security men, a mysterious storm within the premises heralded the arrival of the bird which eventually drew their attention.

After being captured, the officer who attempted taking its custody was stricken with his flesh ripped open causing serious lacerations by the bird.

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After over powering the bird, further examination surprisingly revealed charms woven and tied to the right wing of the bird.

Some witnesses say this may confirm the theory of the mysterious storm that heralded its arrival.

Meanwhile, the bird that initially looked the size of a one year old broiler immediately started to shrink after it was captured to the size of a pigeon before it was eventually set ablaze.

Reacting to the incidence, Oyetola expressed surprise at the fetish dimension some people appear to be introducing into the contest.

He also recalled an invasion of the campaign office by bees, which fortunately refused to sting those who were working within the facility. 

Oyetola reiterated that his foray into politics of Osun to be the next Governor is divinely inspired and already insulated by Celestial powers against all evil machinations.

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