Many people in Osun state cannot wait for November 2018 when the tenure of Governor Rauf Aregbesola ends.

One of them is a former Head of Service in the state, Segun Akinwusi who spoke to Bounce News on Tuesday.

He believes that the Aregbesola government has done more harm than good to the state, describing it as “a government that is anti-people in every respect”.

“We know the debt that we are owing today, everybody knows, and contrary to their denials we have seen that the economy of the state has gone down so badly.

“He promised that he was going to eradicate poverty, hunger and unemployment but look at the state today, people are begging and virtually everything is down.

“If they want to sell the whole of Osun state you can buy it today. People don’t have money to buy anything. People selling don’t have people to buy from them.

“Then a governor would say he is in power and he is celebrating New Year," he said.

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Governor Rauf Aregbesola rolled out the drums on Sunday, December 31, 2017 to usher in the new year, 2018.

There were plenty of beautiful fireworks, loud music and some musical stars on stage to perform.

For many Osun people, that is the height of insensitivity from the leadership of a state whose citizens faced economic sufferings worse than many of their contemporaries.

Akinwusi said: “This Christmas and New Year that you are celebrating, a lot of workers did not receive their salaries for the period and if you know how much they spent on that their crossover thing.

“Not only that, look at the stupid decorations they have made all over the state. If they are spending almost 150 to 200 million Naira to erect stupid things, it is an act of insensitivity and lack of respect for people in the state.”

But there is also the argument that this could just be a way for the government to help the people relax in acknowledgment that they have had a tough year.

But Dr Akinwusi would have none of that.

“Someone living on an empty stomach, what kind of relaxation does he need? This one the government has done is luxury.

“It is someone who has eaten and fed his family well that can say he wants to go out and relax.

“People cannot relax on empty stomach, fear and lack of hope. Their children are going back to school in January and they don’t know where to get the money.

“I don’t see anything good in it and I just think it is one of those ways of making money and awarding contact to some people,” he maintained.


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