Reading of books is something that is dwindling in the daily lives of Nigerians.

Some blame it on lack of time while some do not just like reading at all - cultivated habit.

It has been said that if you want to keep the truth away from a black man, hide it in a book and how true this adage is could be seen when a question like; ''how many books do you read in a year?'' is asked.

Monday, April 23, was World Book Day and Nigeria’s Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, spent part of his day with pupils from LEA Nursery and Primary School, Life Camp Abuja.

At the event, the Professor Osinbajo read the biography of Nigeria's first President, Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe who was from the Eastern part of the nation.


One comment made by the Professor of Law, who has devoted a reasonable part of his lifetime to reading, could spur a lazy reader try a book and see that "something about reading a book" that he talked about.   

yemi osinbajo on world book day

He said: “There is something about reading a book. The words, the imagination behind the words, the picture it paints in your mind, the information or education it provides, there is just something about reading a book”.

People are usually short of words when it comes to describing how much impact reading a book has on someone.

But reading is a habit that people should cultivate, as books usually contain ideas of individuals that have gone ahead of us and who shine lights to our paths in life. 

Why are you not reading? 

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Social media use has been identified as one habit that steals people's time they should allocate to reading. 

Parents have been advised to monitor how their children use these social networks. 

World Book Day or World Book and Copyright Day is a yearly event held on on April 23 and it is organised by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), to promote reading, publishing and copyright.

See Osinbajo's tweet commemprating the World Book and Copyright day below: