Are these two men of God standing on different ends of the bridge?

Fiery senior pastor of the Latter Rain Assembly, Tunde Bakare, is at it again.

The former vice presidential candidate seems to know something no one else does and he is only wiling to share it in parables.

Speaking on ‘The birth pangs of a new Nigeria’ at his church auditorium on Sunday, Bakare said those attempting to overthrow Buhari are doing all they can to outperform him.

He said such people “are full of show-offs in their bid to register star performances and outdo their benefactors”.

Drawing parallels between Buhari and King David in the Bible, Bakare said the king may be old and cold, but the king is not dead, and residual power belongs to him.

He said those acting in the corridor of power could keep acting but power still lies with the king to appoint who will succeed him.

“The next in line does not translate automatically to the next king. I kept quiet since because I know the day I will speak, all arrows will begin to fly, but guess what? I’m beyond the enemy’s reach,” he said.

“What is happening in Nigeria is not new, it’s not strange, but if you don’t have the wherewithal, and your wife is in intense labour, you will panic.

“What is happening in this nation is not new, it’s not strange; our nation is going through birth pangs, Nigeria is in intense labour.”

“The king may be cold, the king may need warmth, but the final authority is still in his hands. All the actors in the corridor of power can keep acting, but the residual power is still in the man who is cold,” he said.