Your mouth is for eating, what is it doing down there? That is probably the way our old men and women see oral sex and you cannot blame them.

The Ugandan president, Yoweri Museveni has even said he wants to ban oral sex because ‘the mouth is for eating’.

Museveni is 73 years old by the way. So, don’t stone him yet for condemning cunnilingus.

But while ladies seem to have embraced the act and mastered the art, many men are still learners.

To be honest, it is easier to suck a penis than it is to suck a vagina.

So, these men are not just interested.

If you are still wondering why this is so, check out these few points and you will understand why men are more reluctant to give you a head.

1. Not many women understand vagina hygiene

If you cannot keep it clean down there, then it’s a no-no for any reasonable man. You just must be concerned about your vaginal health.

Depending on age, the vagina generally has an acidic pH, contains rich quantities of beneficial bacteria that help fend off infections, and is naturally lubricated.

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All these come with tiny amounts of discharge that vary in quantity, which are good for the honey pot, but experts say if women experience changes in vaginal odor, a change in color of their discharge, they should get a checkup.

2. We can eat you up but not the afro

Another reason why many men will not go down on you is when you keep too much pubic hair.

You do not have to totally shave it because I understand some ladies like to do some fancy shaping to make their vagina look appealing.

However, when the man occasionally gets pubic hairs in his mouth that feel somewhat unpleasant.

Do not also forget that the hair also aids odour.

3. STI transmission

Dear lady, this one is more beneficial to you because the vagina, for obvious reasons, is more likely to receive an STI.

If one partner has an untreated sexually transmitted infection, it may be passed on during oral sex.

HIV is not usually passed on this way, but herpes simplex virus, syphilis and gonorrhea may be.

Cold sores around the mouth can transmit herpes if they touch the vagina. Similarly, syphilis sores around the genitals or mouth could pass on the infection to another person during oral sex.

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The fear for men is that if vaginal secretions are infected with gonorrhea or some other STIs, the infection could be transmitted during oral sex, especially if there are any sores, cuts or ulcers around the lips or mouth.

The last time I checked, there are no condoms for the mouth... yet.

4. It does nothing for many men

An anonymous man said in a survey: “It’s uncomfortable for me, there’s not a great position for it. It makes my jaw and tongue sore. It doesn’t taste or look great.

“I like to be able to see my girl’s face when we’re fucking; I like eye contact, that’s difficult with cunnilingus.

“There are so many things I enjoy more and would rather do, so I usually go for one of them….

“Going down a girl just does nothing for me, so if there’s an activity we can both enjoy, that’s usually a better option.”

5. Memory of the blood

Many men think too much! Why bother about what you cannot control?

Ladies have to go through their monthly menstrual period and most men have an idea of how the blood flows and from where.

Sadly, many of them cannot take their minds off the blood flow and the memory of it just makes them feel like cunnilingus is like sucking blood... more like feeling like a vampire.

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