The elevation of Tanko Mohammed to the position of the Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN) has continued to draw mixed reactions, even though Nigerians will forget by Monday and move on with their lives. 

After all, "Who Chief Justice" epp?

That will be a major statement by next week, as the nation count down to a general elections that have started to burden the hearts of people about what the outcome will be.  

From claims of planned rigging to the alleged plan to ensure that whenever any dissatisfied political party goes to court after the election, the ruling will be in favour of President Muhammadu Buhari. 

It is on this last claim that the replacement of Justice Walter Onnoghen with Tanko has been hinged.

The announcement of his take-over, after the suspension of Justice Onnoghen triggered outrage on social networks and Nigerians who could rule the world if it was about how well they could talk are all firing bullets from their mouths. 

We have had to dodge so many bullets to bring you this story. 

It was not like Nigerians do not expect Justice Onnoghen to be out of his position because of the allegation of corruption hanging on his neck. Almost everyone saw it coming. Even the blind saw it. 

Nigerians have a right to express their opinions and everyone is talking.

It has now appeared like a war between the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) with the diverse reactions trailing the comments from those in opposition.

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A member of the PDP and a man who played a key role during Goodluck Jonathan's campaign, Femi Fani-Kayode, condemned the suspension of Onnoghen and alleged that it was a manifestation of a northern agenda and a materialisation of another alleged plan to Islamise Nigeria.

"President is a northern Muslim. Senate President is a northern Muslim. Speaker of the House is a northern Christian. CJN is a northern Muslim. The heads of ALL security, military, paramilitary and intelligence agencies in the country except for the Navy are northern Muslims.

"The Supreme Court,the Court of Appeal and the Federal High Court are all headed by northern Muslims. Southerners and Christians in Nigeria have finally been conquered and colonised.

"They just don't know it yet. South needs real leaders and not cowardly wimps to liberate it," he wrote on his Twitter page.

That statement has drawn different reactions. Some say he is right and others say his comment is bringing religion into the issue. 

There are yet others who say his statement will cause war one day. 

Nigerians react to suspension of Walter Onnoghen a
Nigerians react to suspension of Walter Onnoghen a

Another comment on the suspension of Onnoghen by a member of the PDP and the former Governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose, did not get the kind of acceptance that Fani-Kayopde's comments got.

He called Buhari Hitler and emphasised that he warned Nigerians. 

"Now we have a full blown Hitler in charge of our country, acting as if he is law unto himself. But Nigerians will remember that I warned!

"A President who chose to obey a Black Market order from the CCT to illegally suspend a CJN but refused to obey Valid Court Orders on El-Zakzaky, Dasuki and others is not different from Adolf Hitler," Mr Fayose wrote.

Nigerians responded to this comment with rage, with some of them supporting the President's decision and accusing Fayose of being corrupt too.

Nigerians react to suspension of Walter Onnoghen a
Nigerians react to suspension of Walter Onnoghen a
Nigerians react to suspension of Walter Onnoghen a

A former aide to Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri also got a bashing when he tried to draw attention to something that Nigerians should know about the new CJN. 

He wrote: "Let me shock Nigerians. Justice Tanko, who Muhammadu Buhari, the so called anti corruption advocate, swore in, has 32 kids and a reputation I won’t even bother stating here. How has Tanko been feeding and caring for his 32 children on a judge’s salary? It is a MIRACLE! #TankoIsaUsurper". 

It was like Reno touched the tail of a sleeping lion and outrageous comments greeted his post. 


Despite all these comments, Nigerians will continue next week like nothing happened and we are tangoing to the general elections. 

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