If you have been riding your power bike or motorcycle, popularly called Okada, without a helmet, it is time to go to the market and get yourself one.

If not for mere compliance to rules, for your safety too.

It was a shock for Nigerians on Tuesday night when they heard that the dear son of the President, Yusuf Buhari, was involved in a bike accident.

The incident has become news, with reports emerging on Thursday that Yusuf has been flown to Germany for medical treatment. the Presidency said it was fake news though.

This Yusuf's accident is a incident that requires proper investigation and subsequent stringent decision, if the nation wants an end to such incidents that are capable of claiming lives.

It is not clear if the son of the President had a helmet on when the accident occurred, but the fact that he sustained a head injury makes that judgment controversial.

One of the stringent decisions that may be taken after this Yusuf's accident is the compulsory use of helmet by motorcycle and power bike users.

It will result in a situation seen after use of helmet was made compulsory in 2009 in Lagos State for all Okada riders and their passengers.

Some passengers eventually have some of those helmets in their homes after they forgot to hand them back to the Okada rider at their destinations.

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Please, don't make that kind of mistake again this time. You know these helmets are imported and will be expensive.

A few years down the line, the use of helmet has become a thing of the past, with most motorcycle riders in Lagos State, Nigeria's most populous city, riding free without helmet, even though they have been confined to specific areas. They have thrown their helmets away.

If you use bike or are an Okada rider, watch out for the police that will also begin implementation of the helmet rule now.

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