So much has been said about Dammy Krane’s arrest last weekend in Miami, Florida for theft, credit card and identity fraud.

Opinions have been flying left, right and centre and the latest voice is that of controversial, outspoken OAP, Daddy Freeze.

He wrote on social media:

This gentleman is a good person. One of the most respectful young people I know. One mistake doesn’t define him.

The pressure on entertainers, especially the young ones is unimaginably enormous.

Born into a nation where money is king doesn’t help either.

Young people, please don’t bow to societal pressure to conform, be yourself, money is not the only currency you can spend so don’t engage in fraudulent activities to get it!

Understand the language of your talent, speak it well and your success will be televised.

Daddy Freeze is obviously trying to help but em…this post sounds more like you already know he is guilty of the crime.

Dammy Krane risks a five-year jail term if found guilty and the singer has come out philosophical about the matter, tagging it a rumour.