Gone are the days when Nigerians consumed whatever was forced into their eyes and ears on TV and radio.

Thanks to technology, the game has changed. It is no longer a business of ‘talking to’ it is now a process of ‘talking with’.

The Bounce News mobile app is a testament to the reality that Nigerians want control over their content and the journey that started in March 2017 has proven to be a masterstroke in the business of news dissemination in Nigeria.

Bounce News launched as Nigeria’s first online news aggregator guided by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and in one year of its operation, it hit one million installs across Android and iOS platforms.

It also becomes the first pan-Nigerian news app to hit one million downloads.

It is a system whereby the app learns the preferences and content consumption pattern of the user and then serves them news and other content based on this.

GREAT NEWS! Bounce News App Hits 1 Million Downloads

In addition to its technology is a 21st century newsroom manned by seasoned multimedia journalists and content producers who churn out amazing content daily.

The Editor-In-Chief, Ehizojie Okharedia, knows that the latest achievement is big deal and why won’t he celebrate?

“I feel it's a great achievement in the first year of our amazing journey. It shows that news dissemination in Nigeria is on the rise with an increase in internet penetration and more people seeking information.

“Information is playing a vital role in the way people make choices that affect their businesses and personal relations,” he said.

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On the joy of making news more enjoyable which has resulted in massive page views, he credited it to the decision of the editorial team to tell stories that matter in the language everyone understands.

“Make no mistake, Nigerians are empowering themselves to compete globally and there is a sense of ownership to what they read as news.

“The personalisation feature (in app) is quite popular and the original news included makes it even more special.

“This is success made in Nigeria, by Nigerians for Nigerians. We no longer hustle, we now bounce,” he said proudly.

With Bounce News, a young lady with interest for fashion and latest trends is sure she would not be bored with news about cricket, politics or space technology.

You only get what you want, when you want and how you want it.