Residents of Akure in Ondo state are not ready to end their vex over the flood disaster that swept away two children.

Despite the trauma that has besieged the parents and families of the children, members of the public are hitting them hard with verbal assault, describing the occurrence as parental negligence.

The kids Bamidele Rasheed, 7 and Marvelous James, 6 were said to have been swept away by flood waters at different locations in Oke-Aro on Wednesday November 7.

According to Folasade Akindunke, a resident of the area, it is only a careless mother that will allow her kids to go out of her reach.

"It was a pathetic incident but if I had my way, I would get their parents arrested, prosecuted and jailed.

"It is a case of child abuse and the parents have no excuse for the death of their kids. I want to believe they deliberately killed those innocent kids and they deserve no public sympathy." She fumed.

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Also holding the same view is Akin Ogundana, a Civil servant, who believed that their case will serve a good lesson to other careless parents.

"As much as am saddened over the incident, I must state without any fear or favour that the parents of those children are not worthy to be called mothers and fathers.

"Being a mother goes beyond getting pregnant and giving birth almost on yearly basis. It's not only about breast feeding or lulling your babies to sleep. It involves having your eyes on your kids every passing second till they fully grow up and start off their lives.

"A parent whose child walked out into a heavy rain till he or she is swept away by flood is not worthy to be called one. Even an animal is better than such a mother."

Bisola Omotoso, a public school teacher lamented the rate of parental negligence in the society and called for intervention from the government.

"As a public school teacher, there are times I wonder if some of our pupils actually have parents with the kind of lives they live. Some children are left to themselves even at the age of 6 or 7 without any parents to look after them. They are under-parented.

"Many of the parents claimed to be too busy to know what is happening to their kids. When you ask then to come for PTA, they won't come. It's like they don't really care about what happens to their kids.

"Unless government intervenes and begins to deal with these erring parents one after the other, we will continue to experience this type of ugly occurrences in the society."

Bamidele was said to have gone to visit a friend before the rain started and while returning, he reportedly fell into the canal behind the B' Division police station while Marvelous was swept away while trying to empty refuse into the stream.

Confirming the incident, Ondo police spokesman appealed to parents and guardians to keep their children indoor during the rain.

The late Marvelous corpse was said to have been recovered by officials of the state fire brigade while the whereabout of Bamidele's corpse remained unknown.

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