If you are living in Idanre, Ondo state and you intend to settle for motorcycle as a means of transporting your family due to the high cost of purchasing a car, then you have to think twice.

Be it private or commercial, motorcyclists are not finding it easy to move around the town due to incessant harassment by the local government chapter of Okada Union.

It was gathered that the union members, who position themselves at strategic spots in town, harass their victims without giving them the privilege to identify themselves.

On Monday evening, the union members allegedly stopped a man simply identified as Mr. Soga who was riding alongside his wife and three children and beat them to coma for refusing to give them their due.

The development was said to have triggered outrage by residents who called on the state government to rid the town of miscreants parading themselves as okada union.

okada riders, ondo state, children

"It is a serious issue that needs an urgent intervention by the government. How can you have your motorcycle and you are afraid of riding it because of the okada union.

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"I know of several people who have permanently abandoned their motorcycle or sold it off because of this harassment.

"Once they stop you, they won't listen to any explanation from you. You have to give them money. How can somebody pay for a ticket when you are not an Okada rider? There should be a sanity to all these and that is why we are calling on government to come to our aid." Said Folarin Akindipe.

"I was there when they stopped the man and everybody knows the man has never been an Okada rider in this town. Even if he was, the fact that he was carrying his family is enough to let him go.

okada riders, ondo state

"Just because he refused to part with their demand, they started beating him and his wife while the children were crying. Those guys are just miscreants", said Mike Ogunsakin.

The council chairman, Mr Biyi Ayinuola condemned the attack promising that the perpetrators will be dealt with.

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