Omotola Jalade Ekeinde talks about getting under the sheets on set.

The actress is angry about badly made sex scenes and thinks chemistry has been downplayed in the Nollywood.

Speaking in a recent interview about her new film titled "Alter Ego," she said: "The saddest part is when there's a badly done sex scene. It's very irritating and embarrassing. As if that topic isn't already embarrassing, you now have to worsen it. And sometimes, it kills the whole movie.

"I think the most important thing to always have in mind is; 'is it necessary? " In this particular movie [Alter Ego] it was very necessary".

Her husband is her greatest supporter, understands her job and appreciates properly done sex scenes.

Giving further reasons her husband appreciates properly done scenes the actress said: "As the professional that he is, he too wants to be convinced that you did it because it was necessary. And I know that when he is watching movies sometimes, he too would ask 'ah, did they have to kiss if they weren't going to kiss well?

"You don't even need to chop somebody's mouth if you don't want to. If the scene isn't about you showing mad and crazy love, which you don't need to show the mouth to mouth kissing, there are ways you can cheat for camera.

"They say camera can shot from different angles, and it depends on what I shot, that's what you will see. There are ways you would position the camera and convince the viewers that you're actually kissing, even if you are not".

Directed by Moses Inwang and produced by Esther Eyibio, "Alter Ego" debuts on July 21, 2017.