Although everybody in Nigeria desires to become an entrepreneur, only 40% of the dreamers get to start, but no more than 20% survive.

In an economy where businesses hardly survive the teething challenges associated with startups, growing up to 10 years is indeed an achievement worth rolling out the drums for.

Omnicom Solutions Limited started as a telecom service provider in 2008 in Lanre Olaniyan's modest apartment in Lagos. All he had was borrowed equipment with big dreams that many described as crazy.

However, 10 years down the line, that little crazy idea has become one of the biggest players in Nigeria's telecom industry providing jobs for close to 500 persons.

It was a night of glitz, glamour, music, comedy, good food and wine on Friday, December 7 2018 at the Civic Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos.

While Lagos battled horrifying traffic with several religious and entertainment events, clients and partners, friends and families, management and staff of Omnicom gathered to celebrate its 10 years of outstanding services.

omnicom solutions

In his welcome address, the CEO of Omnicom Solutions, Lanre Olaniyan attributed all the Omnicom successes to God and his team of partners and staff.

He recalled how banks turned him down and it seemed all forces worked against his dream in the beginning.

"When we started, we were one of the first local companies to offer the primary business we offer today, and it was difficult convincing the clients about our competences.

"It took us putting everything we’ve got to get here and I am particularly happy because getting here means we can go beyond here," he said.

The company's Business Development Manager also recalled with nostalgia how she was interviewed in a car and took a job with the company when its future seemed unclear.

Her belief in the idea has paid off. She, alongside other loyal staff members were honoured at the event for their long years of service.

Several other awards were given out, an array of stand-up comedians was also on hand to spice up the event, while the DJ reeled out the best of Nigerian hits to the delight of the guests.

omnicom solutions

Speaking to Bounce News on the sideline of the event, Olaniyan admitted that the Nigerian economy is indeed tough for entrepreneurs with paucity of funds, scarcity of skilled personnel being some of the challenges the company faced.

From a man who has seen many ideas fail before they were born, there had to be a word for whoever emerges as the next president of Nigeria in the 2019 elections.

“Anyone who is coming in to lead Nigeria now has to come in with an all-inclusive attitude to accommodate the learned, youth, industry stalwarts, everybody. We can change a lot in Nigeria if we start to look beyond political partisanship and ethnic sentiments.

“I am an ardent believer that Nigeria is a great nation and we have a lot of potential for greatness. If there is a time we should be more hopeful, it is now.”

Still wondering what exactly Omnicom does? Olaniyan says, “Ours is specialized services for the operators and vendors. So, we don’t work with everybody, but we work in the background to make sure that your network works.”

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